Kerrie Oles

Revived conference is not only a gathering for women to be inspired; but equipped for movement. Movement into their callings within their communities that will ultimately affect change all across the country. The founder of “Revived,” Kerrie Oles’ heart is not to tell women how-to be better Christians, but rather a call for women to be revived from the inside out.

Seven years ago, the Lord gave Kerrie a vision of a conference. A conference that would not only uplift, but, also give space and time to deal with issues that hold women captive. From that, a revival would take place in their hearts and they would be delivered into the world better equipped. This is the time, to be Revived.

Revived Conference includes:

  • Ministry sessions with Kerrie Oles
  • Amazing Praise and Worship
  • Guest Speaker to be announced
  • Guaranteed laughter and moments with God
  • Dessert Party
  • Girlfriend time

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