Kerrie Oles

A Day to Give and be vulnerable...

November 28, 2017 | Found in: Main Articles

I was at Starbucks this morning working on my computer waiting for one of my boys classes to end. As I sat next to 2 men, they were talking about all the things they were building in my surrounding towns. They were obviously architects, and they had plans for a new venture laying on their table. Time flew and they were exiting. I glanced down at their chairs because they had been sitting in the "comfy" chairs that I was waiting on, and I couldn't BELIEVE what I saw.

One of the men left behind his Louis Vuitton wallet. And, this was not like the fake one I bought at Sam Moon last year...IT WAS REAL. And, Hundreds of dollars were bulging out of every side. I could see they were getting in their cars, and all I could think of was, "Someone is going to grab that, I've got to do it!" 

I grabbed it and ran outside, trying to hold all the money in, so it didn't fall out. As I reached the outside, I tripped. Of.course.I.did. Stumbling and anxious, he saw me and walked towards me. I said, "I'm so sorry I'm touching this, but you left it behind." They both just stared at me. I thought maybe I had something on my face or something? But, then he spoke, "Wow. Thanks a lot." And, I walked back in. 

I sat down to take over his "comfy" chair he left behind; tears began to fill my eyes, and I couldn't figure out why?? Clearly, I'm hormonal, I thought. But, as I sat in HIS chair, I felt the Holy Spirit fill me. See. My heart looked at his hundreds, and it seemed like millions to me. Because the truth is, ALL he had in his wallet would've met the needs of all the women I'm standing in the gap for currently....

Then. Tears fell....because I went into poor pitiful me moments of, why does he get that God? And, thank God He doesn't turn from me in my times of weakness, because God said so clearly, "I shall supply ALL your needs according to my riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Kerrie, and you won't have to apologize for having it" Instantly, I pictured what a wallet or bank account with my ministry's name on it, bulging with money could do; to not only build buildings, but PEOPLE. See. symbolically, I sat down in his chair in heavenly realms. Our blessings will come, but its always in God's timing!

Usually, I would sit for a awhile feeling sorry for myself, but something different happened. I began to speak to every mountain that was in the way of "needs" being met. In a matter of seconds, I was encouraged; empowered even. Because God is never late with our needs. It just might not be our turn to sit in the chair, yet. Maybe one of you needs this, like I did today.

But HE says for us to come boldly to His throne, and through prayer and supplications, to make our requests known! So. Here I am. Drinking my Green tea latte through tears, knowing that God will always meet us where we are. We don't have to have it all figured out, we just have to be available for change to take place in us first, so we can give it away to others.

There are MANY places YOU could give today. But. There are NO accidents or coincidences with God, and I believe I was supposed to write this to every one of you. Would you join me as I give to women who are far less fortunate than even me looking for a comfy chair? They are waiting for us to exit, so they can now sit down in the place their needs are met.

They need things that I take for granted... 
They need to buy their kids something that my kids have already tossed in the corner, or to Goodwill....
They need to know they are not forgotten and still seen by God, like I needed today in maybe you need too.

Today, we can sow into the life of someone else. Someone we may never meet. But, one things for sure. God will teach and show each of us through our prayer, giving and stumbling, that He surely sees us, even when we think He' s forgotten...

Blessings dear friends!  
Thanks for listening to my vulnerability!
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