Fighting For Purpose

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I had no idea that I was in a room full of warriors. Warriors fight. They were victims of human trafficking; sounds like words from a CSI television episode, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, it’s not just on television- it is real. While on a mission trip I had the privilege and honor to be in a room full of women who had been rescued from the world of trafficking. I have heard numerous testimonies in my life; however, none have left me with such emotion as hearing these women. I was and am forever changed. Listening to their rescue scenarios, I was struck by their amazing bravery, how they made daring attempts, and how they cried out from the depths of their souls to be

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

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Five… Four… Three… Two… One... the clock chimed midnight and it became 2011, just like that! Thanksgiving is over, Christmas decorations repacked and stored in the attic for another year, and it’s time to do it all over again. Going into a new year, it seems an age old pattern resumes. We begin to reflect on the year that just past, review and grade ourselves on all that we did or didn’t do, and then of course, resolve what we’re going to do for this year! As I read the top ten resolutions for 2011, which include losing weight and saving money, I was quite discouraged because those don’t sound too appealing. :) So, I pondered on what it is that I resolve to do.

Run Away Bride

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Have you ever ran from something so hard, only to find yourself running right into it? Well, I’d been running a long time. But it wasn’t until I was doing another lap around “Reject Street,” that I swiftly intersected “Relationship Way.” Yes, it was the day I was doing the one hundred yard dash, and God grabbed me and hasn’t let me go. As I was pondering what to write, my husband and I rented a movie with my favorite actress of all time, “Runaway Bride,” starring Julia Roberts. The whole movie is a great romantic comedy about a bride who is supposed to walk down the aisle, pledge to love, honor and submit fully to her husband, kiss her groom and say I do, yet